Maine Coon Cattery of old Line Place

Our handover fees

What is the reason why our cats cost 1.350 Euro - plus/minus?

The price of a kitten depends on the mating and development of every single kitten.
Please note that a cat generates expenses a life long and there can be
also unexpected expenses for the veterinarian or others (because this
is mostly not considered!) In case the purchasing costs
are already "too high" we would urgently recommend to disregard a purchase.

Please consider:
A Maine Coon cat is not suitable for a single keeping!
We do not hand out kitten in single keeping! Such an anmal you have
a life long, a life long joy, faithfulness as well as lifelong love and
affection of this cat. A quality nature scratching tree for a Maine Coon
costs already up to 1200 Euro and the kitten should not cost anything?

Quality, race and health of the animal are connected with expenses...

We want to avoid as much as possible that our youngster go into not fiting hands. Please consider too that the breeder has many expenses and work until a kitten is ready for handover, such as good food, cat litter, vaccination fees, EU passport, health certificate, microchip, pedigree, vitamins, food for the parents, grandparents, toys, renovation expenses, ads and homepage fees, DNA tests and expenses for ultrasound of the parents and grandparents, veterinary, not to mention the driving costs to the veterinary, heating expenses, drinking wells, garbage expenses as well as expensive costs of course for buying breeding cats and many many more...
(Unfrtunately this is not considered most of the time!)

For Breeders 

If you want to buy a youngster for breeding we have the following rules:
Of course you should be registered with a breeding union, in no case we sell youngsters in illegal breedings. We sell very little cats for breeding, we only sell youngsters in small catterys. A young male cat is only allowed to be used for breeding in his own cattery and cannot be available for other outside catterys!

It should really be ensured that the cat you bought will stay in this cattery and not be pushed off sometimes after when the cat cannot be used for breeding any longer. We do not give our cats in single keeping or where the cats have to live their whole life in a small room.
Should you go conform with these terms then please send us your application to our email address "", explaining how the youngster will be kept or through our

We ask for your understanding.

Ute Rittscher

of old Line Place Cattery


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