Maine Coon Cattery of old Line Place

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Sina‘s Little Giants - Happy Hero -

Happy Hero has wonderful blue eyes.
Color: red tabby blotched and white.
Born on: 01 / 20 / 2020

A dreamlike cuddle and purr
Happy Hero is very open minded and
"likes to talk" he is almost like a dog
and just as clingy ...

We thank Vania Martinoni
for this treasure of gold!


Genotype  HCM N/N, SMA N/N , PKD N/N


DenRit`s Tiramisu

DenRit`s Tiramisu
Color: red classic tabby bloched / white
born on: 05.08.2020

Our newcommer for 2021/2022, an absolute
dream boy who is very cuddly and balanced.

Our tiramisu has very great fur and is
a dream cuddler with XXL Lynxtips,
we look forward to his offspring

Moon Devil`s Contoy

Our newcomer:

Moon Devil`s Contoy

 color: black classic tabby / white, 
born on: 12.08.2017 

He is a fantastically compact cat with a great coat 
and mega long lynxtips!

Contoy combs very well and is a very balanced tomcat.

Current weight: 8 kg


Genotype  HCM N/N, SMA N/N , PKD N/N


Our Newcomer 2015 Extasy



born on 15/05/2014,
colour: brown classic tabby / white

from our litter
Free Climber George Double U
and our great
Ashanti of the Birkenheide.

A very promising cat with great long lynx tips and a good size
and great coat. The naughtiest hangover I've ever had.

He just eats everything from pizza to tzatziki ...
We are looking forward to his further development!

Genotype HCM N/N




Christomas Pinoccio

date of birth: 02.08.2010
colour: blue solid

HCM Genotype N/N
Current weight: 9.4 kg

Our large Christoma’s Pinocchio loves to take baths in the water all day. 
He is a very loving, type firm and extremely cuddly male
cat with lots of fur and XXL tail!

Pinoccio one year old


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