Maine Coon Cattery of old Line Place

Hello, my name is Ute Rittscher. We – that is my Maine Coon cats and me, have built up a small hobby breeding cattery since 2000 in Großmehring/Bayern and are a Member of TICACats e.V.

Our cats live with us in a 360 m2 farmhouse as well as a hundred m2 outdoor enclosure. On our homepage
you can get extensive information
about us and our cats.

You will also find useful Tips & Tricks
for this race in our homepage.

Now we wish you lots of joy in discovering.
We hope that our homepage gives you a lot
of joy while leafing through it.

Ute Rittscher

Ute Rittscher  Bahnhofstraße 16  D-85098 Großmehring-Tholbath   Phone +49 8404 939872   Mobile phone: +49 151 505 665 88  (also WhatsApp!)

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