Maine Coon Cattery of old Line Place

Let me tell you briefly how everything started: In the year 2000 I bought a cat magazine just out of curiosity. I saw a wonderful picture of a Maine Coon cat, in which I immediately fell in love with. The fascination of this race didn’t let go off me again and there fore I bought “Dream Cat of Tammany” shortly after, my first Maine Coon cat. Once you own a Maine Coon cat you will immediately fall in love with this race. From the first moment you will be charmed by their lovely character. It is only right that they are called “the gentle giants of America”, they are incredibly attached and very faithful companions who almoste resemble a dog in their faithfulness.

My enthusiasm for these lovely “giants” increased more and more, so I decided that from now on I would build up a small hobby breeding cattery. There is nothing like me dedicating myself to my lovely, balanced and cuddly “giants”. With all my heart I take care that healthy kitten with great lynxtips will be bred in connection with the still Old Line of Coonies.

These wonderful cats have enriched my life in every which way, giving me a lot of joy and showed me again and again, that I have chosen the most beautiful occupation, is to breed Maine Coon cats. This race likes especially children and is also very gentle with other pets in the household. Their gentleness makes them a faithful companion for you and in case you have a dog he will make friends with him, too.

We, my cats and I live like I mentioned in the beginning in an ancient farmhouse with abt. 360 m2 and many rooms, therefore only a few cats share a room, an outdoor fenced-in area of abt. 100 m2 as well as 3000 m2 garden. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to offer so much space for your new darling. He will always be thankful for a place by your side...


Youngsters that I only give away at the earliest from the 13th week. At this point they have received all necessary vaccinations and have also been chipped. For a hobby cat (not for breeding) I take between 1.200,- and 1.500,- Euro. Of course the development of the youngster plays a big role here. Please consider that the price you pay for a kitten is only the beginning. Naturally good food, precaution and an equivalent caretaking must be understood.

Please understand that down payments cannot be reimbursed since the kitten is being reserved for weeks exclusively for you!

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